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Working Man 2020

 Working Man 2020

Title: Working Man 2020

Director: Robert Jury

Writer: Robert Jury

Casting: Peter Gerety, Billy Brown, Talia Shire

Genres: 2020 Movies – Drama

Descriptions: Stream newly released drama movie Working Man 2020 free online. Working Man movie is based on a factory employee, Allery Parkes. The plastics manufacturing unit in which Allery works has shut down and his lifestyles are left without a feeling of reason. As his days pass slowly, he starts going back to the closed and empty factory for work. His adventure every day takes him closer to what he has usually sought. His peculiar decision to go to the closed factory for doing for his own satisfaction has a profound effect on the whole community. But his peculiar actions gives a result that no one ever expected. Enjoy 123netflix 2020 movies free of cost.