2020 Movies, Action, Comedy, Drama

We Can Be Heroes 2020

We Can Be Heroes 2020

Title: We Can Be Heroes 2020

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Writer: Robert Rodriguez

Casting: YaYa Gosselin, Lyon Daniels, Andy Walken

Genres: 2020 Movies – Action, Comedy, Drama

We Can Be Heroes is the latest action-drama movie. In the movie story, superheroes have long guarded our world against dangers. But one day they find themselves in a very difficult situation, the aliens arrive on Earth and kidnap everyone who is having supernatural powers. Aliens take superheroes to a distant galaxy. Children of superheroes are left without parents. The government is looking for such children all over the world and placing them in a special institution, which is guarded in the most careful way. They inherited abilities and now need protection. But Missy Mireno is not going to sit out in a safe place while her parents are in trouble no one knows where. Explore an impressive range of recent hd netflix 123 movies free online.