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The Marksman 2021

The Marksman 2021

Title: The Marksman 2021

Director: Robert Lorenz

Writer: Chris Charles, Danny Kravitz

Casting: Katheryn Winnick, Liam Neeson, Teresa Ruiz

Genres: 2021 Movies – Action, Thriller

The Marksman is a 2021 American action thriller film directed by Robert Lorenz. The story of the movie is about one retired U.S. Marine Jim Hanson lives along the Arizona-Mexico border, reporting make an effort against the law crossings. One day while on monitoring he encounters Rosa and her son Miguel, a Mexican native on the run from the cartel. After a shootout with several cartel members led by Maurico, Rosa finishes off and Hanson reluctantly agrees to take Miguel to his family in Chicago. After Hanson makes use of his credit card to repair his truck, Mauricio tracks the pair to Route 66 in Oklahoma. After nearly acquire caught and go around over to Maurico by a double-dealing police officer, Hanson and Miguel continue to make their way north. Despite Hanson’s personal lack of faith, they stop at a church so that Miguel can have an actual send-off for Rosa. You can stream this latest β€œThe Marksman 2021” movie on 123 netflix in HD picture quality.