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The Legacy of the Bones 2020

 The Legacy of the Bones 2020

Title: The Legacy of the Bones 2020

Director: Fernando González Molina

Writer: Luiso Berdejo, Dolores Redondo

Casting: Marta Etura, Nene, Leonardo Sbaraglia

Genres: 2020 Movies – Crime, Thriller

Descriptions: Download popular 1080p hd movie The Legacy of the Bones 2020 online free. A year has passed since Amaia Salazar solved the crimes that terrified the Baztan valley. Pregnant and determined to leave her experience in Elizondo behind, her life is turned upside down by several prisoners who commit suicide after leaving a single word written on the wall, “Tarttalo”. Amaia will then face a dizzying investigation, threatened by the presence of her mother. Now you can enjoy 123netflix cinema movies absolutely free at your home.