Swamp Thing S01-E05-Drive All Night

Swamp Thing S01 2019

Title: Swamp Thing S01-E05-Drive All Night

Director: Greg Beeman

Writer: Gary Dauberman, Franklin jin Rho

Casting: Crystal Reed, Virginia Madsen, Andy Bean

Genres: 2019 Movies – Action, Adventure, Drama

Descriptions:Persecuted by the ghost of her childhood friend, which resurfaces from the swamp, Abby is forced to face both her past with the Sunderlands and the dark forces acting in the Marais. While she continues to seek a cure for Alec, he struggles to accept her transformation with the help of a mysterious strange ghost. When Abby’s life is threatened, Swamp Thing is able to use her abilities to save her, but it is Matt, in the end, who saves the day, further isolating Swamp Thing from the human world.
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