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Superman-Red Son 2020

 Superman: Red Son 2020

Title: Superman: Red Son 2020

Director: Sam Liu

Writer: J.M. DeMatteis, Mark Millar

Casting: Jason Isaacs, Amy Acker, Diedrich Bader

Genres: 2020 Movies – Animation, Action, Sci-Fi

Descriptions: Download latest action movie Superman: Red Son 2020 on your mobile without hassle. A great American hero is reborn as a Soviet hero. He is an amazing man from another world. A hero who reshapes the flow of the river and bends steel with bare hands. On behalf of the mediocre workers, he continued an endless battle for the expansion of Stalin, Socialism, and the Warsaw Treaty. Time is the Cold War era. It was a Soviet superhero, Superman, who faced the hostile nation America. Krypton star spacecraft crashed to Earth; a baby that had been put in there, eventually the Earth’s strongest person. In this movie, the spacecraft that crashed on Earth did not crash on the US, but on the Soviet collective farm. “Superman: Red Son” is described as a legacy and masterpiece in Superman comic series. Download more netflix123 action movies without wasting any time in high definition quality.