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Strip Down, Rise Up 2021

Strip Down, Rise Up 2021

Title: Strip Down, Rise Up 2021

Director: Michèle Ohayon

Writer: Michèle Ohayon

Casting: Amy Bond, Jenyne Butterfly, Genellyn Driver

Genres: 2021 Movies – Documentary

This movie story related to pole dance artistry. Contact two dozen women who brave full exposure. The opening montage declares that sexually exciting dance heals the female psyche from wounds impose by shame and trauma. He thrust by thrust. Platform spike heels become a noticeable figure of speech for relearning the way to strut. Ohayon may be a follower herself, thus the commercial is the ambiance. These scenes are genuinely moving: a 50-year-old widow purges the pain of her late husband’s affair, a survivor of abuse by Larry Nassar, the shamed Olympic doctor, reconnects together with her limbs. Streaming unlimited movie online on 123 netflix with high buffering speed.