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School’s Out Forever 2021

School's Out Forever 2021

Title: School’s Out Forever 2021

Director: Oliver Milburn

Writer: Scott K. Andrews, Oliver Milburn

Casting: Anthony Head, Alex Macqueen, Samantha Bond

Genres: 2021 Movies – Comedy, Drama, Horror

School’s Out Forever is a newly released comedy movie where the roles played by the actors are Samantha Bond as Georgina, Oscar Kennedy as Lee Keegan, Anthony Head as Headmaster, Alex Macqueen as Mr. Bates. The movie story starts at the school where Lee Keegan is a student who is so naughty by nature. Lee Keegan’s Headmaster didn’t like him and wish to expel him at any cost and he succeeds. Lee Keegan’s father comes to pick him up from school and they heard the news of a new deadly flu haunt the humans. The news was real and they try to save their own lives and search for new peoples. Explore an impressive range of recent hd netflix123 movies free online.