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Project Power 2020

Project Power 2020

Title: Project Power 2020

Director: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman

Writer: Mattson Tomlin

Casting: Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dominique Fishback

Genres: 2020 Movies – Action, Crime, Sci-Fi

Descriptions: Free Latest Hollywood movie Project Power 2020. A new drug has just arrived in the Mississippi Delta. The streets are preparing to receive her with open arms. On the one hand, some are eager to meet their financial expectations; and, on the other hand, to satisfy their needs to escape from the world in which we live. However, this drug is not a normal drug. This drug allows you to have super powers for five minutes . Five minutes in which your body adapts to a new genetics that allows you to go beyond normality. Users can watch popular exclusive 123netflix 2020 movies absolutely free.