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Over the Moon 2020

Over the Moon 2020

Title: Over the Moon 2020

Director: Brea Grant

Writer: Brea Grant

Casting: Angela Bettis, David Arquette, Chloe Farnworth

Genres: 2020 Movies – Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Descriptions: Download complete hollywood Over the Moon 2020 movie. The film tells the story of the little girl Fei Fei flying to the moon. Feifei grew up listening to the story about the moon goddess (Chang’e) told by her mother. A few years after her mother died, Feifei was hit hard by his father preparing to remarry. In order to defend her family and to prove to her father that Chang’e exists in reality and lives on the moon. Feifei made a “rocket ship” by herself and starts her wonder Journey to the moon. Explore an impressive range of recent hd 123netflix movies free online.