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Nobody Knows Im Here 2020

 Nobody Knows I'm Here 2020

Title: Nobody Knows I’m Here 2020

Director: Gaspar Antillo

Writer: Gaspar Antillo

Casting: Nelson Brodt, Juan Falcón, Julio Fuentes

Genres: 2020 Movies – Drama, Music

Descriptions: Free netflix movie streaming Nobody Knows I’m Here 2020 free. Memo Garrido (Jorge Garcia) was a child star in the Latin music industry in the early 90s. After some traumatic episodes and a tragic outcome at that stage, for the last 15 years, he has lived in seclusion with his uncle (Luis Gnecco). He lives in a remote island in southern Chile with little connection to the outside. However, the appearance of Marta (Millaray Lobos), a woman who changes her life forever, makes her face the ghosts of her past. 123 netflix platforms offers an impressive range of recent hd movies.