2021 Movies, Action, Adventure, Thriller

No Man’s Land 2021

No Man's Land 2021

Title: No Man’s Land 2021

Director: Conor Allyn

Writer: Jake Allyn, David Barraza

Casting: Jake Allyn, Frank Grillo, Jorge A. Jimenez

Genres: 2021 Movies – Action, Adventure, Thriller

No Man’s Land is a 2021 American Western film, directed by Conor Allyn from a screenplay by Jake Allyn and David Barraza. It stars Frank Grillo, Jake Allyn. Jiménez, and Andres Delgado. In telling a story of violence along the Texas-Mexico border from a mismatched perspective, “No Man’s Land” clearly has the best of intentions. They are trying to make us look at this controversial swath of land through fresh and sympathetic eyes, an instinct that’s certainly welcome after the past several years of xenophobic, build-the-wall rhetoric. But the track to get there is long and slow, and frustratingly filled with thinly drawn characters and on-the-nose dialogue. As our conduit, Jake Allyn has the shortest and appealing presence, but seasoned supporting players like Frank Grillo, Andie MacDowell, and George Lopez get far too little to play. For a movie that’s about a character on the run, “No Man’s Land” meanders and takes its time in a way that feels clash with the narrative. To know more story visit our website 123netlfix. To know more story watch movie at 123netflix. When it comes to discovering new HD hollywood movies online 123netflix is the best platform.