2019 movies, English, HORROR, Mystery, Thriller

Nereus 2019

Nereus 2019

Title: Nereus 2019

Director: Georges Padey

Writer: Itziar Martinez, Georges Padey

Casting: Itziar Martinez, Dennis Mencia, Raul Walder

Genres: 2019 Movies | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Descriptions: The young lady is tormented by over the top bad dreams with a tedious plot. Each time she winds up in a pool with a beast of absurd cause assaulting her. Doing whatever it takes not to join unique significance to bad dreams, the visionary acknowledges with ghastliness that dreams frequent her, all things considered, with each connection with water. The circumstance is intensifying after a gathering with companions and the news that one of the young ladies vanished here quite a long while back, vanishing suddenly and completely under the water surface of the pool. Watch more latest horror movies online in high Quality print.