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Legacy of Lies 2020

 Infamous 2020

Title: Legacy of Lies 2020

Director: Adrian Bol

Writer: Adrian Bol

Casting: Scott Adkins, Honor Kneafsey, Andrea Vasiliou

Genres: 2020 Movies – Thriller

Descriptions: Free Legacy of Lies 2020 movie streaming online in HD quality. Martin Baxter is the main character in this pulse-pounding global spy thriller. Agent Martin quit MI6 forever after his wife’s tragic murder in an operation gone wrong. But when Sacha, a journalist, approaches Martin Baxter for help in solving an old case, Martin finds himself in the crosshairs of both UK and Russian intelligence. Now, after taking this decision his daughter is held captive by the KGB. Now, he has to fight to save his daughter, Sacha and his own life. With HD resolution you can watch netflix 123 movies without any intruptions.