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Infinitum Subject Unknown 2021

Infinitum Subject Unknown 2021

Title: Infinitum Subject Unknown 2021

Director: Matthew Butler-Hart

Writer: Matthew Butler-Hart, Tori Butler-Hart

Casting: Tori Butler-Hart, Ian McKellen, Conleth Hill

Genres: 2021 Movies – Sci-Fi

In the movie, a girl named Jane wakes up in a strange attic, having no idea about where and who she is. She finds herself tied to a chair. When she moves forward to watch the outside world, she is again pushed back to the past which she has faced earlier. She started getting about the things happening with her after a continuous process of some days. Then she moves through the parallel world to the Quantum science research laboratory. She searches for the tapes of Dr. Charles Marland-White and Professor Aaron Ostergaard that involved some human test subjects. Watch free movies online on wawacity website without a subscription.