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I Got the Hook Up 2 2019

I Got the Hook Up 2 2019

Title: I Got the Hook Up 2 2019

Director: Corey Grant

Writer: Michael Ballard, Ramello Barnes

Casting: Johnny ‘Koolout’ Starks, Farrah Laurel Abraham, Alexandru Achindinov

Genres: 2019 Movies – Comedy

Descriptions:I Got the Hook Up 2 is the movie Directed by Corey Grant.A health inspector told them to shut the restraunt.Now it’s up to youthful hooligan trick craftsmen Fatboy and Spyda to venture up and make all the difference. Furthermore, a stolen shipment of the most smoking advanced cells may very well be the ticket, inasmuch as the cops and a few homicidal posses don’t get them first. Return and visit the old neighborhood in this entertaining all-new parody exemplary significantly more out of control than the first. Watch more movies Comedy Movies online without any membership.