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Gotti 2018

Gotti 2018

Title: Gotti 2018

Director: Kevin Connolly

Writer: Lem Dobbs, Leo Rossi

Casting: John Travolta, Spencer Rocco Lofranco, Kelly Preston

Genres: 2018 – Biography, Crime, Drama

Descriptions: The film follows in the footsteps of the mafia capo, John Gotti, to whom John travolta gives life ( Savages ). It is the largest gangster in the United States, who earned his fame by hitting pistols, murders and extortion, becoming the head of the Gambino clan. Later, he introduced his son, John Gotti Jr, into the family business, played by Ben Foster ( Contraband ), who with a morality stronger than his father’s, renounced the principle of following in his wake. Watch more films by 123netflix crime movies online without any membership.