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Finding ‘Ohana 2021

Finding 'Ohana 2021

Title: Finding ‘Ohana 2021

Director: Jude Weng

Writer: Jake Allyn, David Barraza

Casting: Christina Strain, Christina Strain

Genres: 2021 Movies – Action, Adventure, Thriller

Finding ‘Ohana is a 2021 American family film directed by Jude Weng in her feature directorial debut and written by Christina Strain. “Finding ‘Ohana” starts with a thrill opening sequence as Pili races a bicycle through Brooklyn. Pili is geocaching, a GPS-guided treasure hunt that’s like an escape room outdoors. “Sorry folks, it’s a competition,” she apologizes when she knocks people and objects aside in a narrow washateria, without trying to hide the triumph in her voice. We saw a view that puts us on her handlebars, with lively, kinetic editing that makes us observe like we are in the race. On fast riding, It is not just Pili’s. She outsmarts the other contributor with tenacity, excellent puzzle-solving, and the ability to communicate with her teammate in Spanish so no one else can hear her solution. She wins! It’s a victory moment. And the prize is a trip to a geocaching camp, so she can work on her more skills. Explore an impressive range of recent HD netflix123 movies free online.