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Emperor 2020

Emperor 2020

Title: Emperor 2020

Director: Mark Amin

Writer: Mark Amin, Pat Charles

Casting: Keean Johnson, James Cromwell, Kat Graham

Genres: 2020 Movies – Action, Drama

Descriptions: Emperor 2020 is the latest hollywood movie in high definition quality. Shields Green has long been an ordinary slave who experienced many torments. His owners were not kind, and he was often subjected to undeserved punishments. All this made him furious, and one day he made a daring escape. Shields went north with other members of his kind. So began his crazy adventures full of suffering, thirst for justice and upholding his beliefs. Soon he met on his way two incredible bright personalities who are convinced that slavery must be completely eradicated from the history of America. Netflix 123 allows users to access thousands of movies free online.