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punchWelcome to the Punch is Hollywood action, adventure and crime based movie. Eran Creevy directed this film. Cops with tough heroes and naughty criminals we all know al a charming agent with an equally charming female work partner, looking for one of the most notorious criminals of today. ‘Welcome to the Punch’ seems to follow these lines but soon deviates from the norm. Hollywood has had nothing to do with this film (although the production looks as high), and it shows not only the English and Irish accents.The Detective Max Lewinsky is obsessed with the idea of getting even kill Jacob Sternwood the” brain” of a gang that has eluded him injuring his knee. Download Welcome to the Punch 2013 free movie with DVD rip quality and also download movies for free from direct downloading links without wasting your time and money.¬†Former criminal Jacob Sternwood must leave his retirement in Iceland and back to London to help his son involved in a corruption scandal that has gone wrong. A return to the country that gives a chance to the Max Lewinsky inspector revenge finally the man who obsesses over the last three years. The protagonists are on both sides of the law, each with its own moral code. First one side to the other, they are caught in a real conspiracy. Beyond their own problems they will have to work to survive.


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