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bodiesThis is Hollywood latest comedy, horror and romance movie. This film was directed by Jonathan Levine.  Love between humans and other creatures (vampires, werewolves, aliens) we have seen many times. With ‘Warm Bodies’ may be a new being added to the list: the zombie. How can a zombie now a credible way attractive to a man? Simple: by having British hunk Nicholas Hoult the form! However, it is not fair to ‘Warm Bodies’ to compare with the obvious ‘Twilight’ series, because the film is too much fun for. In ‘Warm Bodies’ we see a world populated by zombies. A small group of people has hidden in a portion of a big city behind a meter high concrete wall. Download Warm Bodies 2013 full movie with DVD rip quality. Download movies for free with better quality prints from direct downloading links. We meet R, a zombie who has forgotten his name, can barely talk, but shares his thoughts with the viewer. When the zombies are hunting for people, they are a group of young people from those drugs from a clinic trying to rob. R falls in love with the beautiful Julie (Teresa Palmer), when he eats the brains of her boyfriend. To protect against the other zombies her he kidnaps her to his plane. Julie is extremely suspicious but discovered that R is a very special zombie and really cares about her. Thanks Julie R comes out he can feel again and slowly he is human.


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