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sarrogateJohn Hawkes plays the physically very limited Mark authentic and empathetic. By his own admission, he can make a special ball in preparation for the role that made him adjust the curvature of O’Brien’s body. He also coached weeks in order to operate with a pencil in his mouth a phone can. This makes it almost disappears in this role. But John Hawkes is not only the physical impairments convincingly, but he brings only by his Mikik and his voice also Marks wit and humor convincingly to the big screen and reveals the deep longing for an interpersonal relationship. Download The Surrogate 2013 Free Movie Online without pay any charges. Download latest Hollywood movies from secure internet connections. Without the help of his body as Neurotransmitter he makes clear at every word, how hard Mark falls speaking how important words are for him but. And with every sentence, every joke and every poem can be the fears and the seductive power of Mark O’Brien to guess.

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