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theThis is a Hollywood horror, thriller and Sci- Fi based movie. A purge to writer-director James DeMonaco thought (NEGOTIATOR, “THE KILL POINT”), which sweeps annually by the U.S. roads than legalized wave of violence against mostly defenseless homeless people, which can not only reduce the unemployment rate. Also, the crime rate is absurdly low. Because during the 12-hour “purge” everything is permitted. Property damage, manslaughter, rape and premeditated murder of course. This is to the then “new-born U.S. nation” bring a catharsis and release the remainder of the year of negative emotions its citizens – so it at least explains the father of his son. DeMonaco created in THE PURGE a seemingly absurd idea of future U.S. Company and all in the year 2022. Download The Purge 2013 Free Movie online with DVD Rip quality print. Download movies online free with HD quality prints without become a member. So a bitter forecast for all pacifists. The annual election is, however, no coincidence is the 40 year old classic dystopia SOYLENT GREEN – a slightly different idea of mutual human destruction – with behäbigem. While there has to serve as the main problem of overpopulation, based in THE PURGE the new ideology on a mixture of religious fanaticism (American) patriotism and glorification of violence by the government channeled. Facts that are difficult to deny even today in most parts of the world are hardly pull until 2022 in an industrialized country such drastic measures by themselves.


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