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standThe Last Stand is Hollywood action, crime and thriller based movie directed by Kim Jee-Woon.The story is quickly told and is only a vehicle for great action and situation comedy. Schwarzenegger plays Ray Owens, the former narcotics officer of a special unit of the LAPD. As sheriff of a sleepy summer sound nest, near the Mexican border, it is located almost in retirement. His idyllic days, however rudely interrupted by the infamous drug boss Gabriel Cortez, who wants to rush to his escape from a prison transport with a tuned sports car of all through the quiet summer sound. Since the FBI on their hunt the dangerous drug lord always lags one step Cortez has his escape his hand carefully planned, Owens is the only one who can’t stop him. It comes to the classic showdown. Download The last Stand movie for free with DVD rip quality. Download movies for free without any membership or no need to create account. Sheriff Owens is a man resigned to fight against petty crime in the border town of Sommerton. After a botched police operation made ​​her disabled teammate, he left his post. When a transfer of prisoners, several prisoners escape. The most dangerous is a drug kingpin, he is armed, he has a hostage and headed to the border in an ultra-fast and specially equipped vehicle Sommerton is on its way and it is the last town before the border with Mexico. Owens does not want to get involved but against this dangerous hunt he decided to react and took over the operation.


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