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masterThis is action and drama based movie. Kar Wai Wong directed this film. China in the 30 years living in northern China grandmaster Gong Baosen (Wang Qingxiang) would like to leave a younger in the higher age in place and cede his knowledge to the strongest fighters from the North as well as the strongest from the south, from which he in a would compete ceremony. During the course of the North to his foster-son Ma Shan (Zhang Jin) falls, comes to the South, only the wealthy and undefeated Kung Fu instructor Ip Man (Tony Leung) in question, the gong Baosen to the chagrin of his daughter Gong He (Zhang Ziyi) defeated in a fair battle. While Gong He can’t live with this shame and turn challenges Ip Man, the Japanese marched into Forshan in 1938. Ip Man finally loses his position in the city, his family and impoverished, but the time of suffering of Ip Man and Gong He should still continue well into the 50s. Download The Grandmaster 2013 Free Movie with DVD rip quality without any membership. Free movie download online from secure internet connections without pay any charges. An intense look, fast swishing arms rapidly in the body of the opponent waving, but then easily repelled. With simple-looking wrist movements the opening scene of “The Grand Master” seems initially to each other kung fu movie, but that is certainly not. Because while the fighter unleashes their skills on each other, the camera zooms in on other details: rattling fencing, raindrops falling down in super slow motion, the footwork of the fighters.


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