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youThis is Hollywood drama and thriller movie. The film tells of a (historically authentic) former left-wing student group The Weather Underground , which passed during the Vietnam War, after years of peaceful protests to attacks in order to “bring the war home” – said the attacks do not anzielten sure to attract people affected . Then go some members too far -. During a robbery to raise money, they killed a security guard up to the robbery, which has so not taken place, the film keeps largely to the actual historical events. In the film, it’s Sharon Solarz (Susan Sarandon), now a mother of two almost grown children, who wants to face after 30 years of playing hide the authorities. Download The Company You Keep 2013 Full Movie online for free with high quality print without any registration. Free movie download online for free with high definition quality prints without any registration. But before you come. After their arrest, the local reporters Shepard (Shia LaBeouf) are attentive and makes Jim Grant (Robert Redford) locate, without realizing that this is also a submerged Weatherman is. Grant has a young daughter, his wife has just died and the visit of the journalist makes it clear that he will probably be tracked down soon. In a sophisticated action he manages to move his daughter to his brother to safety, after he fled on alone.


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