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callThis is Hollywood thriller movie directed by Brad Anderson. Do not hang up begins with a tracking shot of the night skyline of Los Angeles. From a distance just to see architecture, the silhouette of a city that does not tell what is going on behind her. One answer is provided by the soundtrack. All the crimes being committed here, the film packs in a swelling cacophony of phone calls, desperate, help people seeking Halle Berry, who is almost unrecognizable with afro wig, plays Jordan, a woman in the emergency center of the city works. Every sentence and every move is routine, and if something does not work, there is still the sympathetic colleagues. Download The Call 2013 Free Movie with fast downloading speed you can also download movies for free from secure internet connections without pay any charges.When Jordan but then happened a stupid mistake that a girl costs incurred over the life of fear gives way to the routine. A phone call brings two people in an intimate situation. While they are spatially separated from each other, one constantly senses by breathing and voice, but the presence of the other, a bit like looking at each other secrets whispered in his ear. In thrillers and horror films, the ringing of a phone often serves as a foreboding of an approaching disaster. 

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