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karThis is drama, mystery and thriller based movie directed by Chan-wook Park. Stoker in this case refers to a family. On the eighteenth birthday of daughter India Stoker (Mia Wasikowski) is father Richard (Dermot Mulroney) to at an alleged car accident. At the funeral his brother Charlie (Matthew Goode) on the scene, who had for years no one heard anything. Suddenly appears Mother Evelyn (Nicole Kidman) falls for the charming appearance and let Charlie soon take possession of the huge family and of itself. India distrusts her uncle and detests her mother, but can’t deny that Charlie has a special, yet macabre influence on her. Download Stoker 2013 Free Movie online with fast downloading speed from direct downloading links. Download movies online with HD quality prints without any charges. Between mysterious disappearances and escalating family quarrels by emerging India is becoming cruel calculating woman who increasingly dedicated to the hunt. In a recurring flashback that always goes a little further, we see India with her father tie up for a shot. Her whole life seems to be around that specific time to concentrate, as a destiny. That India will go dead for sure. But who is the prey? And what is in this game of hunting exactly the role of Uncle Charlie, with whom India has a strong mental bond, appears to have?


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