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heavenSafe Haven is Hollywood drama, mystery and romance based movie. Lasse Hallström directed this film.  A distraught woman running barefoot through the rain, their hands covered in blood. When an old lady Erin (Julianne Hough) finds refuge. A short time later she leaves the house again, her hair dyed blonde and cut shorter. At the bus station it rises into the nearest Greyhound bus while a cop (David Lyons) is close on her heels. Narrowly escapes them. After a long drive Erin gets out in Southport, North Carolina. The quiet, picturesque little town on the coast like her right away. Here she believes their refuge; they have found their “safe haven”. Download Safe Haven 2013 full movie and also download movies for free from direct downloading links without wasting your time or money. It is called from now Katie, got hold a job as a waitress at the local diner and rented a secluded bungalow in the forest, far away from all the other inhabitants of the city.Katie would prefer to leave their past behind them, but they can’t overcome their fears and therefore largely seals it off from their fellows. Only with the quick-witted, but lonely Jo (Cobie Smulders), which also has a mysterious past, she befriends itself. Also the owner of the small grocery store Alex (Josh Duhamel), whose wife died of cancer a few years ago and now has to raise his two young children alone, it is done. But she resists any overtures at first vehemently. Only slowly warms to the handsome and down to earth widower. The luck finally seems to be on their side, but the dark past catches up with Katie one.


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