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ssaaaaaFilms about submarines are a scarcity, creating the comparative frustration of “Phantom” all the more problematic. While far from a catastrophe, the image is extensively average, trying to produce suspense without offering necessary details, while some crucial miscasting allows even more air out of the watching encounter. Writer/director Todd Johnson (2006’s “Lonely Hearts”) certainly has a perspective with “Phantom,” combining macho men and Cool War stress in a claustrophobic establishing, peppering the attempt with goes after and torpedo-dodging, but the enjoyment is ephemeral, cleaned away by a schedule of wet stand-offs that are not exactly rippling with emergency. “Phantom” has its minutes, but not nearly enough of them to shake nerve fibres in the way Johnson plan. Download Phantom 2013 movie online with DVD Rip quality you can also Download free movies from direct links without any membership. Sometime during the Cold War, Soviet Navy Captain Demi (Ed Harris) is handed command of an older submarine about to be decommissioned and sold to China. Hiding his sensitive history with the vessel, Demi accepts his orders, gathering his crew, including Executive Officer Alex (William Fichtner) and Officer Pavlov (Jonathan Schaech), for service, while Bruni (David Duchovny), a guarded KGB official, joins the voyage, tasked with keeping the mission a secret from everyone onboard.


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