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fdaThis is Hollywood crime and thriller based movie. Just the simplest scenes often reveal the greatest cinematic mastery. Just think of the tavern scene from ” Inglourious Basterds “in Quentin Tarantino a wicked drinking game between the hero and a sadistic Gestapo enjoyable drags on and the voltage as the simplest means driving to the edge of endurance. If such a bravura inszenatorisches successful, the audience soon forgets that there ostensibly only a few people sitting at a table and talk about God and the world. Does not succeed, however, quickly makes boredom wide – for example, in David A. Armstrong’s Mystery Chamber’s “Pawn”: space is limited, the conflicts are many and the twists’ in quick succession – but still tension is not on! In an unspectacular dinner an unspectacular evening comes to an end. Download Pawn 2013 Free movie online also download movies online from secure internet connections without pay any charges. Host Charlie (Stephen Lang) prepares the evenings and thinks no evil, when suddenly three gangsters determined to everything under the leadership of rough Derrick (Michael Chiklis), the restaurant rush to remove the safe in the back room. When the situation was not bad enough, the conflict escalates even further, as well as a cop Will (Forest Whitaker) barges. Soon the first shot and the first dead falls is to be deplored. From then on, everything gets out of hand: Before the house quickly gathered a large police presence, while inside the nerves are.


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