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parThis is a Hollywood action and crime based movie. Taylor Hackford directed this film. Parker is the boldest and most formidable of burglars and is a meticulous and perfectionist principles thief steals ever need. Specialist deemed impossible breaks; it requires absolute loyalty partners and strict compliance with the plan. In his latest work runs a successful robbery team in the Ohio State Fair. However, it maintains a rift with his “mates “and they leave him lying in a ditch for dead. But Parker is a rock and manages to survive. From that moment seek to “settle accounts “with his buddy’s traitors. While an operation just wrong due to negligence, Parker decides he will never work for Melander and his gang. But the guy does not accept the insult Parker and his men leave for dead. Download Parker 2013 free movie and also download movies online with fast downloading speed from secure internet connections. Determined to get revenge, Parker was the track gang to Palm Beach. Posing as a wealthy Texan looking for a luxury property, he meets the seductive Leslie, a real estate agent who knows every corner of the island. With the help of the young woman, Parker discovers that the gang plans to grab $ 50 million jewelry. He then climbs a plan to seize. This is the beginning of an operation which Parker had planned or the magnitude or consequences.

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