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zOz the Great and Powerful is Hollywood Adventure, family and fantasy movie. This film was directed by Sam Raimi. The story begins with Oscar “Oz” Diggs (James Franco, Spider-Man trilogy, 127 hours), a circus magician in Kansas that his living trying to make with his illusions and obscure tricks, along with his accomplice Frank (Zach Braff ,¬† Scrubs ) . Oz is someone who has suffered a bit of megalomania, and is a real charmer woman. To seduce his new assistant, he gives her a music box gift which he was an heirloom of his deceased grandmother, but when the Strong Man (Tim Holmes) notes that his music is stolen, he wants to pay for his crime. Oz Oz tries to escape the strong man stumbles and finally in a balloon, which is then carried away by a big storm. ¬†Download Oz the Great and Powerful 2013 movie online and also download movies for free with high definition quality prints. If the balloon has finally landed, Oz appears not to be in Kansas but in the Land of Oz, where he met Theodora ( Mila Kunis , Black Swan, Ted ), who tells him that he is the great wizard of the prophecy, that the Land of Oz will protect against the Wicked Witch . Oz does not believe much of that prophecy, but charmed by Theodora he decides to take her to Emerald City to go, where the throne with all his wealth is. Evanora (Rachel Weisz , The Mummy ), is the sister of Theodora, and counselor the previous Wizard.

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