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leonOblivion is Hollywood action, adventure and Sci-Fi movie. After Tron – Legacy, director dares Joseph Kosinski on the project to bring his graphic novel “Oblivion” on the screen. But, as for the cinematic predecessors, here are characterized defects which can’t be simply thrown into a black hole. In the not too distant future of our planet flourishes an alien attack with fatal consequences. The strange life destroyed our moon and the earth plunges into absolute destruction. Although mankind has finally won the war, the planet is no longer habitable, and the survivors had to be evacuated in a space station above the clouds. A few a few remained behind to collect from bases of key resources and to monitor the drones, which were designed to destroy the last Aliens in the rubble. Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is, along with Victoria (Andrea Riseborough stationed) on the earth, and every day to go to repair drones. Download Oblivion movie for free and download movies online with fast downloading speed. When he observed a crash and the survivors Julia (Olga Kurylenko applies), comes over him the strange feeling to know less than he previously thought. And therefore also Malcolm Beech (Morgan Freeman) enters his life in an unexpected way; he is slow to track down on the way, a dark secret, which brings its entire existence to falter. With Tom Cruise Kosinski has literally found his dream cast. The role suits him wonderfully and perfectly harmonizes not only with former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko but it shows for the first time along with Morgan Freeman on the canvas.


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