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seeNow You See Me is Hollywood new released crime, thriller based movie. Louis Leterrier directed this film. That is exactly what you get in Now You See Me, when Jesse Eisenberg (Daniel), Woody Harrelson (Merritt), Isla Fisher (Henley) and Dave Franco (Jack) are handpicked to be the team of illusionists that will be robbing banks as part of a new show in Las Vegas. Michael Caine (Arthur Tressler) is the man with all of the money that brought them to Vegas to make him even more money. The team is known as The Four Horsemen. The do some of the usual moves and tricks of a magician show. It is their grand finale that sets them apart from any other magic act that you’ve ever seen. Download Now You See Me 2013 free movie with high definition quality prints. Also download movies for free without pay any charges.They pick an audience member at random and they rob their bank! Isn’t that something? Right then and there, their bank is robbed and the money is distributed to the crowd.  No half-hearted, with a huge stage full circle, The Four Horsemen presents a magic show that they consider to be Something new, rob a bank in Paris , and move it to the Las Vegas area show progresses, live. This Criminal, and the FBI intervened under the command Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo), works together with envoys from the Interpol named Alma Vargas (Melanie Laurent). Not easy, because it turns out the intervention of ex-magician named Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman).



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