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heatThis action, drama and crime based movie. This film was directed by Conor Allyn.Retained as a key witness in a bomb blast that killed daughter charity party palace Sultana ( Atiqah Hasiholan ), Jake Travers ( Kellan Lutz ), an American man who claimed to work as a teaching assistant foreign handled by Lt. Hashim ( Ario Bayu ), commander of Detachment 88 to This case reveals. Jake suspects Hashim continue to realize that they are dealing with not only exceptional cases involving terrorism terrorist hordes of militant Islam, but also the local and international mafia behind an evil plan that is much bigger than that. In the midst of the celebration of Vesak at the Borobudur Temple, Hashim and Jake inevitably have to work together to stop Malik (Mickey Rourke ) as a connector of all this conspiracy. Download Java Heat 2013 DVD Rip Movie for free without any membership you can also download movies online from direct downloading links without wasting your time. Background Indonesia it is clear, and the term Islamic terrorists have not been immune from criticism-criticism, but do not even mention Yogyakarta as the set of her, they move the picture to the background story of Javanese court with centralized administration under Sultan (played by Rudy Wowor with eccentric characterization hair longish tasseled not clear overview of the Sultans as usual) as the supreme leader with the Prime Minister who is also called alien, Vizier ( Tio Pakusadewo ) and the princess palace Sultana ( Atiqah Hasiholan ).


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