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theifIdentity Thief is Hollywood comedy and crime based movie. This film was directed by Seth Gordon. Sandy Patterson is a successful businessman. So successful that it solicit his former colleagues at a start-up immediately. And because he’s such a successful, follows also smart business man, he is a woman on the phone all of his personal data, as it pretends to want to make his bank details safe. This is a premise for a movie to the taste of Seth Gordon. Seth Gordon is actually more responsible for directing work in television, but in 2011 he has worked with horrible bosses shown that it can also stage right rough and tumble fun for the big screen, which was fun, and the inclined audience. Identity Thief to summarize in one sentence, trying to stay out of the system (or remaining bound to do so), and a woman who lives in the heart of the system is precisely the beginning of a man’s way of telling the adventure film. ¬†Download Identity Thief 2013 movie free with better quality prints and free movies download online without create an account. You understand that the opening film Diana stole the identities of people cheated by phone, credit cards, by copying the days of their money that day, sad and lonely woman. Loneliness and unhappiness “of course” due to the neither physical properties, nor leave the love life of a woman is not nice though, how dare even to have friends! Diana is only so much money he has made money fly to endear himself to people, he forced her folding shopping cashier’s dream is trying to satisfy himself by mentioning marriage.


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