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ddThis is Hollywood horror, comedy movie. This film was directed by Bradley Scott Sullivan. A remote place where a group of young people find isolated from the rest of civilization, and where we enjoy as children watching them suffer the consequences of their actions. A group of volunteers goes to spend a few days in the field for forestry work, but what should be a pleasant and positive experience for all of them end up becoming a living hell. Your worst enemy is destiny. ‘s the first feature by Bradley Scott Sullivan , and we can say is a wonderful debut. Made with few resources goes ahead thanks to a script phenomenal written by the same director and work David Templin charge of special effects outstanding. Download I Didn’t Come Here To Die 2013 Movie DVD RIP free online. Download movies online with DVD Rip quality prints form quality links without become a member. Although the film has a huge dark identify, and this is certainly their activities individually unconvincing. Do not think anyone in the team, do not believe their whines, do not believe in your worry, which is a pity because the stress is palpable in the team atmosphere and develops every second, but not well shown in the activities of the protagonists.


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