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aaThis is Hollywood horror movie directed by Fede Alvarez. Five young adults come spend some time in an old isolated house in the woods. One unfortunately has the unfortunate idea to read from the Book of the Dead, found in an unwelcoming basement. The evil effect of this fatal error will soon feel! The damn damn book has no owner, can be everyone in general but one in particular. He was there before the group reached the putrid twenties cabin as dark as slate, dusty, moldy, uninhabitable. That moisture that soaks up the bones, however, it is inconvenient to remember better times and fleeting stays, photos that capture not so bygone times, when there was no blonde girlfriends and intellectually stunted or responsibilities beyond the routine drunkenness at any party middling. Download Evil Dead 2013 free movie with better quality prints. Free movie download online from secure internet connections without pay any charges. The leader’s sister (portrayed so) is a junkie at the mercy of the horse, so the meeting is a good excuse to avoid temptations, thus moving the monkey dying surrounded by his best friends: her estranged brother-girlfriend included-its nurse friend (intelligent resource, ahem), a bohemian rocker hoary beard, checkered shirt and myopic of zen drogota who teaches at a high school. Oh, and also featured a dog (do not tell me that is not cool). Next to the house is an abandoned car and oxidation process, the roof covered with leaves only suggests that rather than scarlet, was red.


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