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planetEscape from Planet Earth is Hollywood animation, adventure and comedy movie.   Cal Brunker direct this movie. If you enjoy science-fiction animated with retro touch to the style of Monsters vs. Aliens and Planet 51, ​​a disappointment after watching Escape from Planet Earth will surely be etched in his face. Typical product for every family colorful, harmless and funny man with moral lessons repeated insistently, the directorial debut of Cal Bunker wastes the opportunity to satirize the popular Area 51, where they were allegedly kept the aliens who landed on Earth, and disappears from memory so the lights are lit film, like many cartoon promptly replaced by the next schedule. Download Escape from Planet Earth 2013 full movie with DVD rip quality. Download movies online for free with high definition quality prints. Co-written by Bob Bunker and Barlen, the script sends them to the remote planet Babum (if you prefer, Baab), inhabited by no more blue and green, which represents a breakthrough in the question originality, who idolize Scorch Supernova, astronaut responsible by dangerous rescue missions. What few know is that much of the fame of Scorch is due to his brother Gary, who sat in mission control, is the brain and logistics operations. However, tired of being treated without due consideration, together with his son Kip, Gary shout “I want to see you do without me,”  Scorch answer back ” I don’t  want you come with me “and part on solo mission to answer a distress derived from the earth, where is kidnapped, forcing her wary brother save him from the evil General Shanker.


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