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dreadThis is Hollywood Horror movie directed by Neil Jones. Story of the film is written by Óscar Carrión and Marcia Do Vales. Jae-Hyuk is a medical supplies salesman. His brother Jae-pil is a detective who is not overly interested in public safety and spends most of his time deliberating on the stock market. The discovery of a number of bodies floating in the water and hysteria breaks horribly in skeletal across the country. The police commissioner is altered after seeing pictures of a television channel that leave people jumping into the water as if possessed, and drowning. Download Deranged movie for free with DVD rip quality. Download movies online with fast downloading speed without create any account. As time passes hundreds of cases occur similare, leaving officials perplexed as to the cause of the deaths. The government declared a national emergency. Jae-pil joins research and realizes that there is a conspiracy behind the outbreak. Meanwhile, Jae-Hyuk’s wife and children are showing the same symptoms as the victims, leading to a frantic search for an antidote.



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