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fewThis is Hollywood short drama movie. This film was directed by Shawn Christensen.  After selling a couple of scripts, decided to direct himself. After the short Walter King and Brink has come Curfew, which he stars, Oscar winner for best short fiction and that has led him to be known in the film scene. Curfew Richie is the story of an exdrogadicto, lonely and depressed he receives a mysterious call from his sister to come to care for her niece, when you are about to commit suicide. Download Curfew 2012 Movie online for free without registrationFree movie download online with fast downloading speed from resume able links without any membership. After a few moments of uncertainty Richie accepts the proposal of her sister and goes looking for his niece nine years. The passivity and little desire to live collide directly with innocence, hyperactivity and optimism of the girl, who inadvertently give life to our sad protagonist. A Shawn Christensen who plays Richie, accompanying Fatima Ptacek as Sophia, the niece of nine years, and Kim Allen as her mother.

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