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Dead in the Water 2021

Dead in the Water 2021

Title: Dead in the Water 2021

Director: Nanea Miyata

Writer: Nanea Miyata

Casting: Angela Gulner, Sam Krumrine, Michael Blake Kruse

Genres: 2021 Movies – Thriller

Dead in the Water is a 2021 American thriller film directed by Nanea Miyata and starring Angela Gulner, Sam Krumrine, and Michael Blake Kruse. The story of this movie is the main character tara is an aspiring photographer who takes pictures on a photos lakeside bridge. She almost shove over the railing by her brother named John. Ten years later, Tara has a careless boyfriend, Derek, and a party gal BFF/roomie named Amy. This time tara still also takes also photos and has a vlog. The girls went and aren’t home until 3 am, leaving Tara behind on her vlog recordings. The next day Derek breaks up with Tara via voicemail while she is working in hotel housekeeping. Amy said, “Dead in the water.” around the 12 min mark, so that is something! Then she advises the girls have a getaway at her parent’s lake house in the middle of nowhere. It is the same weekend as John’s suicide. To know more story watch movie at 123netflix. You can stream this latest “Dead in the Water 2021” movie on netflix123 in HD picture quality.