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Dangerous Lies 2020

 Dangerous Lies 2020

Title: Dangerous Lies 2020

Director: Michael M. Scott

Writer: David Golden

Casting: Nick Purcha, Joe Costa, Camila Mendes

Genres: 2020 Movies – Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Descriptions: Stream newly released 1080p movie Dangerous Lies 2020 free online. After Katie (Camila Mendes) lost her previous job, she found a job with the hard-working Leonard (Elliott Gould). The old man lives alone in a huge, almost empty Chicago property. Katie is doing a good job, she and Leonard are getting on better and better – until he suddenly and suddenly dies. When the will is opened, Katie is the sole heiress – and that changes the entire life of her and her husband Adam (Jessie T. Usher). Both are drawn into a web of lies, deceptions, and murder. If Katie wants to survive, she has to question the motive of every single person around her – even the people she loves. Enjoy streaming 123netflix 2020 drama movie without any cost.