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400 Bullets 2021

400 Bullets 2021

Title: 400 Bullets 2021

Director: Tom Paton

Writer: Tom Paton

Casting: Jean-Paul Ly, Andrew Lee Potts, James Warren

Genres: 2021 Movies – Action

This movie is an American action movie directed and writing by Tom Paton. Stars have worked name is Jean-Paul Ly, Andrew Lee Potts, James Warren. The film is a great action movie story about Military Action to fight for honor instead of profit. British military post make in Afghanistan winter season. The British military is outpost left to guard Gurkha soldier. Rana and Noah both armed with only 400 bullets and the Gurkha’s deadly weapon of choice. combines gun battles in 400 Bullets, epic hand-to-hand fight sequences, and the banter of hardened soldiers into a lean, two-fisted film that packed with a wallop. You can stream this latest “400 Bullets 2021” movie on 123netflix action in HD picture quality.